Who is the creative man?

Who is the creative man?

The creative man is certainly a man able to overcome the past to design a new vision of himself and of the world.

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The creative man is a man capable of making a change that is born from an idea, which then it leads to action.
But in this discourse, the essential ingredient is desire, that is to say the attitude of the person, his passion, his affective involvement or In other words, the courage to live the art of psychological change and therefore of inner transformation, consists in making a work of art out of one’s life.

“I also have a mission,” but having clear in mind why we do what we do when there is a why, then we are motivated and convinced and we can achieve our mission, that is, our existential project, which is unique and personal.

The creative man changes the way he sees himself and does so, precisely, through a creative vision which then becomes action. The desire to create oneself is the basis of psychotherapy because it is what transforms us. Inner men, that is, psychological men, and what transforms our potential into action. If you wait until all traffic lights are green before you start going out, never go out. So we have to go out, take risks, because our opportunities are made up of encounters and relationships with others. The point is if we want to be, who we are meant to be, because to be ourselves we have to want it.

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The vision

You must know, that we are responsible for our ideas but there is an essential ingredient in this discourse which is desire. Desire is the ingredient that transforms our potential into action, desire arises when something happens in our life that suddenly changes the way we see ourselves in relation to others.

This is the classic turning point, which makes us identify our purpose in life, that is a vision to pursue and a program is born that is made up of a linked series of ideas, and if we project these ideas into the future we have a vision.

The vision is important because it gives a direction, our desire, the desire is born with the vision of the future itself, in fact it is in that precise moment that we begin to desire to change ourselves, to transform the vision we had into reality.

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Your purpose in life

We must find our purpose in life, we must learn to give our all because giving and doing are the only way to win in life. Even if life sooner or later knocks you out, if you give your all, then you can’t lose, then you’ve won!

Of course, it can happen that our own experience can limit our dreams and heavily affect the vision and motivation we have. To help you understand this concept better, I’ll give you another famous example: If we take a handful of fleas and put them in a jar and close it with a lid, the fleas will jump, collide with the lid, quickly adjusting the jump, so as to avoid hitting the lid. Well, if at some point we remove the lid, we notice that the fleas do not go out of the jar because they have now regulated their jump and have become slaves to their experience, they are prisoners in the jar even if they could come out at any time, after the cover removal.

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The genius

People do the same thing, in most cases people develop the idea of ​​being able to do only what is enough and nothing more, consequently adjust the expectations and get what they expect which is however much less than the potential. .

But then something happens that changes everything, and these people understand that they can do more, they start to imagine, and then they acquire a new vision, then they change.

But to unfold our full potential we have to take the risk of failure, and the risk of being injured, we are like ships, we are built to leave the harbor and sail the open sea. However, the new opportunities must be recognized, because they are difficult to see and so we must not look for people who will only tell us what we want to hear, we must rather exercise our brain, challenging it to think in a new way and to do this, we must add continuously new information that the brain can then process.

We have to get out of our comfort zone, so we have to do new things and above all we have to think creatively, encouraging ourselves.

Who is able to think creatively, who is the genius?

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