The walls

The walls

Just to understand in the meantime, autism is a condition in which there are deficits at the level of communication, imagination, social interaction and with narrow interests accompanied by stereotypes in behavior. So autism is not a disease but a condition, a condition from which one cannot recover and must live with, for life.

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The autism problem is very democratic, because it does not care about the skin, where you live, it does not care if you are rich, poor; autism affects 1/100 people and at least 80% are male, that’s why we hear a lot about often in the masculine sense.

To what it is due, there are now more and more different theories that indicate the genetic component as responsible for autism.
One in every 100 is an extremely devastating number. It would appear, according to various researches, that there are 7 genes involved, like 7 musical notes …
Think how many melodies you could compose with 7 musical notes …

We talk about autism when, despite having these macro worlds, the communication, the social interaction that I told you before all have different characteristics, even though they are part of the autistic spectrum. But I want to describe some walls that need to be demolished when you are on the parent’s side:

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The wall of awareness, is a wall that you do not see, in fact you do not see it but you do not see it even from the outside, it is the wall of when you receive a diagnosis.

Diagnosis usually occurs within two years, around 14 months, because at the beginning these children are beautiful, healthy, they talk and play, you see no difference in what technically seems the norm. But in reality, something starts to change, there are so many signs and you notice that there is something wrong with your child. So you have the diagnosis, your child is autistic. Most people don’t even know what it means, or maybe he knows from clichés, films etc.

It is a very delicate moment, you ask yourself why? When a child is born you have expectations, you have more or less big dreams but at that moment something breaks, you don’t want to believe it, why does it happen to me? A question that arises from selfishness but, this is one of those four moments in life, basically: fear, gambling, sex and despair, in which we are zeroed, we are ourselves. If you are a generous person you show it, if you are selfish you show it and even if you have courage. But it is a drama!

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At that moment only you, can break down that wall, nobody can help you, you must be aware that you will never get out of this condition!

Then, bizarre characters will present themselves who will bring you treatments that do not exist, and you really risk everything, you also risk going to ruin, you hear people talking about treatments, talking about clowns and unfortunately, many people do not overcome it or do pretend it doesn’t exist, pretend that there is no problem, maybe you think it will solve itself but the first wall you have to tear down is only the wall that leads to the second, which looks like a perimeter and is your comfort zone.

You have a job, you have your house, you have your friends, you have your life but everything changes, you change!

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Friends change you, because how does a person, a parent have a friend who maybe weeps because his son doesn’t play a regular on the football team, the daughter of the school ballet … you understand that there are different values, so It changes you in this way, the job, you have to be more present then you have to be closer, families break up, the divorce rate of families with autism is very high. But this wall with your strength changes, changes you for the better, because, you also find people more similar to you, you have more ties, it also widens your mind and therefore this, more than a wall is a change. Because only whe changes when breaking down the inner walls, those of our soul. Then, perhaps, these vicissitudes become opportunities for growth, for everyone, because even our life, is basically a condition.