The soul in love

The soul in love

Sometimes you know, you wake up as if we were drowning, you pull your head out of the water and you realize that you are in your usual bedroom with your usual TV on, with your usual life hanging on the wall.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Sometimes I say, I know it is not easy but, the signs of the body tell you that it is time to change, to leave the bad habit that is so comfortable and easy to repeat every day. So, make it not easy, make it different, make the soul fall in love.

The Greek Soul

I do not mean the soul of the mystics but that of the ancient Greeks, where soul was conceived as your self, your breath or simply your personality. So what is not a body but its lifeblood. The personality therefore falls in love but to live a relationship of equal rank, where neither of the two personalities tries to dominate the other, we need to grow and sip our soul.

Photo by Amarnath Tade on Unsplash

Only the soul can fall in love

Only a strong soul will be able to let go of the spell of love which is fugitive, passionate, made up of moments. But in order not to burn everything in the short term of a passion that will leave only a persistent void, we need to manage it with our soul! However, it happens that many people do not have a soul because perhaps in early childhood they were forced to repudiate it, considering it useless for their own growth. So over time they will learn to live without a soul, on the contrary they will get so used to their way of life that they will not even understand what a soul is used for, because they will never know that only the soul can fall in love, the body never fall in love, for anything.