The right person

The right person

We invest a lot of energy in looking for the right person with whom to share our life and according to common sense the right person, that is, the soul mate is the one who shares with us the values ​​and goals of life. But to recognize the right person we should first learn to know ourselves, our deepest desires and before choosing we should feel we are the right person, that is, we should be in harmony with ourselves accepting ourselves for what we are, then it will appear.

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Some wait for the right person with the pretense that he can improve their life by filling the void outside. But if you know who you are, you will automatically know what you want. On the contrary, the right person will find you if you live in peace with yourself, in harmony with your inner world, you will have no difficulty in forming authentic relationships and cultivating relationships. If, on the other hand, you have unresolved conflicts, if you do not live in harmony with your internal world and drag along needs, others will have news of these unmet needs and you will tend to be a victim of the classic narcissist on duty, which will represent the attempt to fix something wrong and a bitter disappointment will soon come because in this case, one of the components of the couple finds in the other the reinforcement of the false representation that he has of himself, and everything becomes an obligation of the couple relationship, not the dreams, but the potential. To understand from the first moments if is the right person you have to be on peace with yourself, this is the reason why many relationships tend to focus on their expectations, forgetting to ask what can make you happy.

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The key to a happy relationship is the ability to accept diversity. Relationships with others are necessary because we are not satisfied with our dreams. The sexual revolution, becoming sexy is the cultural revolution of the last decades, has transformed feelings into objects of consumption. Today satisfaction is promoted, indeed oneself, continuously looking for a strong emotion in the absence of which one calls back, breakfast with the internet, the choice of partner becomes limited and how satisfied we are with the person we love the myth of infinite choice will tell us that somewhere in the world there is a better person waiting for us perhaps just one click away. Then we add that cinema and television present love to us in a very difficult way to achieve, increasing a reason for dissatisfaction.
Whenever we build a relationship with others we must know that the relationship is a kind of tool that allows us to discern what without the other we would not have seen in ourselves, therefore each new relationship is like a new conversation with oneself.