The law of attraction

The law of attraction

The law of attraction state that your thoughts come true. That is, that you are able to attract what you are thinking about. If you focus enough on your desire for example, the desire to get rich, sooner or later this will happen, because you are attracting wealth.

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The phases of the law of attraction are essentially three, asking, believing and then receiving.

Those who apply the law of attraction do at least two things: ask, that is, define a goal clearly and believe, that is, keep a high focus on this goal.

If you know what you want and if you know when you want it and how you intend to get it, you have just taken the first concrete step to make your dream come true. If we don’t act consistently and consistently, our dreams will remain nothing but money, as Steve Jobs says.

We are here to leave a trace, so it is the ability to attract into our lives, whatever we desire, both positive and negative, through the power of our thoughts.

We all know that a magnet attracts objects but it can also repel depending on the magnetic polarity. If we think of ourselves as a kind of human magnet, we understand that we exert a force through thoughts. Basically we act as human magnets, sending their thoughts and emotions outward, and in this way we exert a force that is able to change the course of our events. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize the potential that’s locked away in our minds and let our desires and emotions negatively control their lives when instead they may be able to create the future they want.
the field of quantum physics in recent years has helped shed light on the incredible impact that the power of the mind has on our lives and the universe. This idea is being explored by the scientific community. The greater the understanding of how significant is the role of the mind in shaping our lives, and the world around us. Quantum physics is a branch of physics, which deals with the study of quanta.

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When we remain in a state of receptivity and therefore of gratitude, particular patterns of the mind emerge which increase the so-called positive vibes that people want to be around us and join us. In that state of harmony, this phenomenon also extends to other sensory mechanisms. When we feel something instinctively, which is therefore dictated by our inner voice, or when we visualize a hypothetical scenario in our mind, it is, as if we are experiencing it and therefore, we are attracting that condition, that positive experience. While when a person remains passive, letting himself be carried away by events and accepting whatever is offered to him, he falls prey to the chaos of nature.

Of course, the way we have been raised and educated and therefore our past our mental superstructures our mental patterns and the people around us all play a key role in shaping our mental patterns.
All this seems simple at first glance, but many people have no idea what they really want, because we must first, as I said before, determine what our desires are, what exactly we want. It is important to create a clear mental picture of our desire by going into the smallest details, having and cultivating a vision. To do this we must first transform all negative statements into positive statements, a negative statement, for example, is: “I will never be able to pay off my debts”, I can reverse this statement and I can say: “I will have the necessary money to repay all debts “.

The law of attraction is very sensitive to our positive feelings, the person who constantly sees the glass half empty will always be submerged in negativity.

A great way to overcome the negative and pessimistic view is to practice the art of gratitude. We must reflect on what we have, on all our fortunes, be sincerely grateful for having what we have had, no matter how bad it may seem to us, because we always have those things to be thankful for and so every morning, as soon as you wake up, take 5 minutes to think about all the positive things that are a part of your life and give thanks for one of them, this thanks and a kind of acceptance, which is the most important basis for the next change. We transmit kindness and therefore, optimism, gratitude, positivity, and more we will attract all this towards us to all people of this type, who have these characteristics, who are willing to feed these emotions of ours.

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Negative and helpless words like “I can’t, I can’t, I shouldn’t, I don’t deserve,” should be avoided. Because they strip us of our ability to manifest the life we ​​really want to live.

We are therefore the creators of our psychological universe, and what we say will become our reality. If I say something like, “I’m overweight,” I should try to turn that statement into a more positive statement, like,“ I’m getting healthier and with each passing day, I’m getting closer to my ideal weight.”

Words are the paint with which we paint reality, that’s why we should choose our words very carefully, with wisdom and positivity, to create a reality that is good for us and for the people around us. We should start with the little things, for example a typical exercise in the law of attraction is today I want to see something purple, if we say this sentence to ourselves and then visualize the color purple. You will be amazed to see how much this exercise works, because once you have visualized the purple color you will happen in the day to see objects that have precisely this color. Once you are familiar with the concept of the law of attraction, go step by step and manifest increasingly complex ideas and concepts.

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