The artistic eyes of the unconscious

The artistic eyes of the unconscious

What can change an aggressive person into a calm person, an introvert into a calm person, or an impatient person into one who knows how to wait?

The emotional involvement! Or rather, the loving feeling, in fact it is the loving feeling that manages to transform people. The feeling, however, is nourished by desire … let’s say right away that no psychotherapist will be able to save us, but will be able to animate our life with desire, activating the desire contained in our biography. The activation of this desire can only take place thanks to an example.

We therefore need a testimony of what it means to live, on the one hand lack, and on the other desire. Our suffering arises from an intoxication of ideas, in practice what we cannot manage is the experience of failure, for which every obstacle is removed as imperfection disturbs the ideal image we have of us.

A bit like being pushed towards success but not being able to endure failure. This means that the error is experienced not only as a defeat but also as a catastrophic fall and the fall is not accepted. But living in the name of feeling, above all means accepting the possibility of failure, which is also the time of loss and mourning or if you want it is the time of doubt. Therefore, the path of psychological transformation is the path of failure, and in this path, there is always a fall from a horse, or an encounter with the earth, face to face with the hard spirit of the Real.

So in order for there to be an encounter with oneself, and therefore with one’s own truth, it is necessary to get lost, it is necessary to fail, whoever has never been lost does not know what it means to find oneself.
One thing that allows metamorphosis is love, but what are the enemies of love?

The enemies of love are the limiters, the dogmatism that makes us too full of ideas, makes us saturated with concepts. Love, on the other hand, is something that strips, empties the slogan, overturns it, subverts it. But when we are full of words and we use them compulsively one after the other, the words lose their meaning because they flaunt a false superiority.0

Love, on the other hand, overcomes these limits. Many of us don’t know how to use the language of the unconscious, we don’t understand it, we are limited and more generally we don’t even understand others, so we suffer. It is a matter of developing this precious ability and the first subversive step is to open the mind to the encounter, which is always an encounter with the stranger who dwells within ourselves. An encounter with the otherness present within us.

When this encounter becomes a relationship, it evokes a symbolic language. The meeting makes you dream and is not static, this is an opening movement and then everything starts to change because we see with artistic eyes. The unconscious is an artist, it is subversive, the unconscious is the place of an opening, that is, of a new possibility and at the same time an ancient possibility, always written, which calls the subject to an unconscious mission. It is the witness of what we would like to be and what can be. We must grasp the artistic ability of the unconscious and therefore its ability to create new projects, new visions to change ourselves.

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