The actor and the saleswoman

The actor and the saleswoman

Attracting, magnetizing, sticking, gluing, what drama was expected before this fusion of looks?

What do you think now, if you still think about yourself? What pretension if I added to the shopping bag, another detail, not a little, for those who are well, are you well? You, I mean… sweat-free artificial gymnastics, do you think you’ve ever been further away than now?

Turn on the light, (synonymous of opening the way or the mind) but, she lies! Said the actor who as soon as he came down from the stage stumbled into a look of love, it was clear however, he used to call all the heartbeats that went beyond one certain frequency, the one that usually passes between a “cappuccino” and a kiss, between a farewell and an attraction.

Attracting, magnetizing, sticking, gluing, what drama was expected before this fusion of looks? The director had only imagined it, yes, the last scene always succeeds everyone because the neck muscles are more and more relaxed, like after an orgasm, you can say things of an unprecedented madness or nothing, as if to meditate on empty. The life of the saleswoman who applauded at the end of each act, was also empty. Single spectator, perhaps paying (in the sense that she suffered from it) and regretted everything, even the last visit to the gynecologist.

She who had never betrayed anyone in sight, suddenly turned the script upside down and began to cry like artists do, when faced with beauty, because, they say, “there is nothing better than, feeling envy of the works of others”.
“You amaze me, my lady but on the other hand, you do not believe that the mere fact of having paid for a ticket, allows you to contemplate. Contemplating is a divine gift (another?). But divinity exists only in madness! And what greater folly than that which agitates the stage devourer? “

The director stopped talking but, even the woman’s breath, had shortened, it never happens … love at night, after a day of porterage, and it wasn’t the right time either, so much so that the saleswoman squeezed her legs after taking front row position. She already knew that, the artist would spit some verse in her face, (it happens when you are in the front row,) it happens when you pay the price.

It was late at night then, as often happens in invented stories, the woman apologized again and did it gracefully, as always, (considering the time.) “You doctor, you are a clear example of unspoken talent!” And she said it while sticking out her tongue but not as a sign of mockery or sexual overtones, only she was going to throw up, because of the wine she wasn’t used to drinking.

“And do you often come at this time?” It was the unhappy question of the embarrassed director, and then burst into laughter which was joined by the grin of the frightened saleswoman.

Still, the theater vibrated with everything that could have been. In the distance, we listened to some notes by that alternative author, one of those avant-garde musicians addicted to alcohol and sex. Deafening! As well as the lady in elephant fur (it seemed,) presented herself with caviar diamonds (poetic license.)
Expressionless, the cashier chewed a
chewing gum…