Poetry doesn’t sell!

This is a typical phrase that every poet feels banged in the face by various publishing houses. I met Melina by chance, as it happens nowadays, in a social media. We were discussing the contents of my blog that dealt with the lack of love consequences.

Love, therefore, was the predominant reason for our discussions: the love of a mother, a child or the love of one’s partner. We discussed our mutual wounds and how the lack of love can affect a whole life. But Melina she is a poet … and so I asked to write her feelings in verse, as she knows how to do, then, after reading her works, I proposed to publish them together with some of my writings ( which I have difficulty to call poems.)

Honestly, I have circumvented my shyness when it comes to poetry, because, unlike other types of writing, poetry sheds light on who you are, it speaks of you, of your soul. That’s why, poetry doesn’t lie. It is a part of your life summarized in a few sentences. Poetry is also a therapy for the writer, where he can allow himself to say everything he manages to say, due to social conditions, perhaps or because he doesn’t want to expose his soul to useless judgments.

What we tried to do in this short work, was to expose the feelings. So, personally, I would like to thank Melina, for giving me the opportunity to expose my naked soul, because alone I would never have done it.

But as I said before, “poetry does not sell,” very true and never like now. The operation, therefore, is not only for a commercial nature but it is a therapy, a love therapy, dedicated to all those thirsty for love (and there are many of them) who have not received the right emotional balance during their childhood and who pay now, sometimes un- aware, the consequences of all the lack of love. Because love, moves the world, and it is not a naive fantasy, it is the engine that lights up a child’s life or turns it off forev- er; as has happened to many people.

We are all children of our experiences, it is certainly not a discovery, but think for a moment of all the times you have failed to say a love you to your children, your parents or your partners or friends. Whenever you have not done so, you have lost a part of your life that will never coming back, as well, in the same way, you have taken away from all these people, a part of their life.

Talking about love is difficult, especially when it comes to our love, our emotions. What are the bonds that bind us as a species, is evident, but much more evident is the thread that connects us, one to the other. The desire to be recognized as part of the world, is very often identified with the conjunction of the loved one, and therefore, the fusion, the attempt to be part of a single emotion.

Then, time naturally sweeps away the memories, and transforms anger, pain and even love into acts of resis-tance, and this, out of a spirit of survival, taking away all denied pain…all silent love.

F. Guzzardi

SILENT LOVE: L’amore non detto