Nothing Happens by Chance

Nothing Happens by Chance

We are constantly looking for an explanation, a logic that explains past events and people we have met in our life, we are always looking for a reason and we ask ourselves why we have not been able to do better?

We are obsessed with the control of reason, we are obsessed with obtaining an explanation that puts us safe from future suffering but, let’s stop and think. Let’s start by saying that if a person enters our life, that is the right person! In the psyche there is no chance, nothing happens by chance and every person who goes through our life does it to teach us something, for better or for worse, and does it to favor our evolution. Everything that happens to us makes sense, it has an ultimate purpose that is important to grasp, so whenever we feel something, that is the right moment.

It means that we are ready to welcome something new in our life, the new will begin and in the same way what is finished must be left and we must proceed enriched with the teaching acquired.

If I meet a person along my path, this is because I chose to walk that path, I did it because I liked it, therefore, let’s say subconsciously, I will meet people who have to do with my choice, and it makes no sense to mull over why some decisions have led us, off course, it will mean that I have simply experienced what it does for me and what it does not do for me, I have become aware of where I can, where I want to go, and it is in that direction that our thoughts and energies must be concentrated, the past cannot be changed and it is not possible to return to feel good as if by magic if we have not first learned what made us feel bad and we have not treasured that experience.

If we do learn from our experience, we will be able to change. Our responsibility is to recognize the particularity of our life, desire, in particular, and this desire has a name, a face and a voice, waiting to be discovered.

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