A Natural Lover

A Natural Lover

We certainly don’t need doctrines, religions or anything else that teaches us to love, because this is part of us.

By F. Guzzardi

Doctor Helen Fisher claims to have studied the brain Brown 75 people over 75 people who were madly in love into a brain scan 17/15 and 17 who are in love long-term people in their 50s.

Who reported that there were still in love not just loving but in love with their partner long term.
You know, we believe in America that you can’t sustain feelings of intense romantic love, well we certainly approve that not right, that’s not correct, you can do it, you gotta pick the right person.

The right person

Well, now we need to understand who the right person is.
Man is by nature (like all animals without exception) a natural lover, in the sense that this need to love and be loved is imbued within each of us. Of course, apart the cases of personality pathology where there can be an impossibility to love or be loved, as in the pathological narcissism cases for example.

So, we certainly don’t need doctrines, religions or anything else that teaches us to love, because this is part of us. Recognizing the right person is also a baggage made of experiences that we carry within us. The right person is the one who responds to our emotional needs but in cases of personality disorders, such as serious emotional shortcomings in the postnatal periods, there is the risk of manipulating, or being manipulated by the chosen partner. In cases of emotional needs never nourished, we will need to fill our inner void without giving anything in return, because we are not used to giving or because our ego has long decided that the love that has been denied us as children, it must be returned to us now with interest and for free, that is, without any emotional exchange on our part. This is the case of pathological narcissists, who created a world where they are and only them at the center of the world while the others are only objects to be used as nourishment to fill an endless inner void.

Empathic animal

In cases of normalcy (but does it really exist?) Where there are no post-natal affective deficiencies, the human being is an empathic animal, that is, that recognizes the pains and emotions of others and allows one to recognize one’s own.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Opening up to others is also a sense of self surrender, opening up precisely. This in cases of intimate relationships, leads to the sexual act, which can not be conceived otherwise than as a sense of arrea, to say goodbye to the other, to appear naked, to break down defenses, love is precisely to give oneself but. for this alchemy to work (For a more or less short period) the other must implement the same strategy of surrender, surrender to the other, which is not an act of defeat, or cowardice, to surrender in this chance means handing in, trusting and merging (even if only for a few moments) to become one.

Nature has endowed us with this but also with other terrible things, so let’s try to screw nature, using only what we enjoy in our brief passage in this world. Love.