My Fuc***Nasty Florida Divorce

My Fuc***Nasty Florida Divorce

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Chapter I

Let’s go back to the beginning

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I don’t know how many of you, have ever gotten divorced from a Narcissist / Borderline (the two are very close).
If you do not know it, you need to know that nothing is taken for granted, and that your life already burned by your toxic relationship for more or less time, will have the final blow with a divorce.
After trying unsuccessfully a thousand times to obtain an amiable separation with the best possible solution for children, one day I got out of my single bed (for years already) and went to a lawyer.

Mistake # 1: Choosing a lawyer

Considering my case of elementary simplicity, I chose the first one that was close to home and that was relatively cheap (the term cheap should be banned for lawyers). His name? Gerald Vincent Muriello (yes the lawyers all have three or four names … will it be a tradition?).
Well, I didn’t know it yet but Mr. Muriello would be the source of all my problems.

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Once the divorce request is announced, to my sweetheart. She began to get more and more mad, triggering actions and insults towards me, even in front of the children.

At this point, exasperated by the situation, I ask my lawyer for advice who immediately tells me to take the children and leave the house.

Mistake #2 : You cannot leave the marital home with children without an order written by the Judge

So I leave the house taking the children with me, and rent an apartment near their school.
In the meantime, my beloved consort turns to a lawyer such Armistead W. Ellis Jr. (also three names …).

The first thing Mr. Ellis does, he asks the judge for a temporary relief order in favor of my ex. So even before my attorney applied to the judge for my move, Mr. Ellis gets to be heard by the judge. Of course, it would have been enough for Mr. Muriello to petition the judge for me and the children to leave the house, and everything would have been fine for me.

Instead, two days before the scheduled appearance before the judge, Mr. Muriello decides to withdraw, and asks permission to the judge, who will sign it on the same day of the hearing (completely illegal).

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So, I find myself on the appointed day, alone in front of a judge (which we will talk about in the next post) and a particularly aggressive and racist lawyer (also about this, we will talk about in the next post) with my hesitant English, and the most total ignorance on the subject judicial.

I will tell you the rest in the next post (if you promise to follow me), I just tell you that later, I took care to get information about my former lawyer, for the behavior that seemed rather strange to me. The result is found in this paragraph written by the Florida Bar Association:

Gerard Vincent Muriello, 747 S. Ridgewood Ave., Suite 102, Daytona Beach, publicly
reprimanded following an April 5 court order. Further, Muriello’s conditional admission to The Florida Bar is extended until May 1, 2012. (Admitted to practice: 2006) Muriello violated the terms of the Supreme Court’s May 2006 order of conditional admission based on substance abuse and psychological issues. (Case No. SC10-682)