My fac**** nasty Florida divorce

My fac**** nasty Florida divorce

Year # 4, Chapter 1

Today was the big day for me, I had obtained after four years of continuous complaints in which I explained that it is not possible for me to pay 110% of my salary in alimony and child support and I would have liked the children (who live in New York with the mother) return to Florida, because the mother only live with my money and social assistance.

I will give you the names of the protagonists aware of this story (not the random ones) I will avoid pronouncing the names of my children, victims in spite of themselves.

I am going to tell you about a system of family laws in Florida, that not even Nicolo` Macchiavelli could have imagined.

Today, as I said before, I was about to have satisfaction after years of waiting I could have explained my financial situation, which certainly did not allow me to pay more than my income.
The trial takes place online via a platform set up for this, due to the emergency covid 19.

Judge, Steven C. Henderson, start explaining that this is a trial to determine whether children should continue to stay with their mother or return to live with the father but he will not accept any requests for reduced alimony or child support.

I looked my lawyer (Mr. Fergusson) in the eye and thought: what the fuck does that mean? After four years of hardship and attempts to survive to an idiot order to pay alimony that not even Brad Pitt pay for Angelina Jolie, you tell me no, we do not talk about that… Yes, whe speak instead, of the remote and almost impossible chance of taking children away from the mother ( Beata Catalfamo) who uses them as guarantees of income.

Rule # 1: Do not believe to anything you have learned in life and generally served to solve many problems, logic does not belong to the world of Florida family law.

Attorney for my children’s mother, Mr. Edward Infantolino: Are you on drugs? No! Do you gamble? No! Do you drink? No, just orange juice! An Italian who doesn’t drink? I drink Italian orange juice!
Why don’t you pay the full alimony to your wife? Because they correspond to more than my earnings! Judge: I said we don’t talk about financial matters! Well…

Mr.Fergusson to Beata Catalfamo:

Do you work? No, I take care of the children full time! And how do you live? With child support and social help for a total of $ 4,000 monthly.
I thought to myself: Why the fuck would she work if she’s got a thousand dollars a week doing nothing?

Judge conclusion of a useless day: Well, nothing has changed, Fabrizio Catalfamo (Me) is not a stable person as he often changes address. The mother, on the other hand, tries to protect the children by asking for social help and cannot find job. Well…

The session is closed.
My lawyer looked at me with a bewildered air, probably wondering when I could pay the remainder of his fee …
I wanted to cry but I thought I had just spent almost 2 months with my children and this could be enough for now.