I love you

I love you

Why, if someone tells us I love you, does it have a hold on us?

Because it puts us on our trail, arouses curiosity around ourselves, makes us feel our own presence. I love you is an invitation to get out of yourself and get moving. But to search, you need to track down who first walked that stretch of road, I love you means that that person can be you and that your path is full of achievements, of changes. It means that it is a journey made up of meetings. What the other proposes by telling us I love you is an adventurous and fascinating journey through our inner labyrinth, the promise of living together experiences that make us grow. I love you is a path, an entrance that will lead us to the inner center, in the heart of the labyrinth, where we will have a transformative experience, and then return to the world renewed.

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The word, “I love you,” is a work of art, it develops the ability to be with ourselves by reviving instinct in us. Only one gesture is required, the first step, to trigger a series of events. Therefore a significant step, it is not trivial, after all, entering the labyrinth means immersing oneself in an experience. This means that we have to throw ourselves and focus on what the psychic reality does not know, full of ghosts but also of our rationality made of desires.

In real life, it happens that things are not simply right or wrong, there are not only black and white, the truth in a meeting is nuanced, and relational. To enter into a relationship you need to let go of something of yourself, and it is not always like chatting on a computer because the other has his own labyrinth, a living space that exposes us to risks.

The understanding of the other is made up of many tests that lead to one’s inner center, the heart of the “I love you” is the seat of the mystery, if we do not face this journey, we would never have the opportunity to reach the truest part of the our being and I love you is a powerful push to enter the spirit.

It is a flight! Man has always dreamed of flying, at the bottom of each of us, there is a little Icarus who looks up and wants freedom but to experience this transgression in a fruitful way we also need some rules. It takes thought, feeling, intuition, action. Each of us is looking for our promised land and in this search, we don’t need to ask ourselves if our romantic relationship is right or wrong because it doesn’t matter, what really matters and what happens to us while we drink it, how we change and how we grow, the crime that most often we commit, is not to see our true value, so we fly low, we are satisfied with what we think we are but, we are much more than that and we do not know, we do not know until we meet a person other than others, which spurs us to imagine new things and gives us the courage to look within. He tells us I love you.

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A meeting is always needed to get out of our mental habits, closures, prejudices or the so-called comfort zone of our life. It depends on the quality of our meetings and one meeting is not the same as another, meeting is the art of changing people’s lives to get to know themselves. We must meet but we must also say yes to this meeting, I would say yes it is already an achievement, saying I love you, means recognizing the otherness of the other, that is to accept the other as a free being who seduces us starting from his being present, absent, exposing our wounds which, however, love opens up as loving is to go beyond the domain of one’s own egoity, beyond one’s own safety perimeter, to meet the unknown that is in front of us.

In front of the “I love you,” we are taken by restlessness, by fear, but fear is the beginning of the search, fear is the beginning of our psychology, love excites fear, we are afraid of loving because the other it is like a labyrinth, it is an initiatory path that leads to our inner center, where we can harmonically reunite ourselves.

Loving is like being drunk and delusional but in contact with the sacred, in a mystical condition thanks to which the fictitious identification is abandoned, to know the true object of our desire which is called dispossession of the ego in favor of a new psychic totality but, this is a real practice of death, I love you and also know how to die, to know how to be born again of desire. At this point for the ego, it is time to re-emerge on the surface but, by now, it has learned to descend to die and to be reborn as well as ever.

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