Codependent: A magnet for the Narcissist

Codependent: A magnet for the Narcissist


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 “This post, is about to help you, arm you-selves against the narcissist that it bump up against in yur lifetime and if you’re codependent or you’re an empatic you are a magnet for this people! ”

The feel that other people feel, and that ability although beautiful, help us be really human and allows us to connect to other people, can be exploited by people who lack the ability to feel with other people.

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The narcissist generally in terms of their own psyche, their personality, they don’t care how you feel, they have an inability to feel what you feel and so, for this post I want to talk about the narcissist secret weapon and the narcos in the narcissist secret weapon.

Remember, narcissists are different levels of narcissism and so, the worst are antisocial personality disorder people who have, their sociopaths and psychopaths and then we have narcissist that we bump into in the grocery store, every day and and so it’s important to understand that no narcissist has to be exactly like another narcissist and so, you go back today as you think about people in your life and you know better your family members and spouses or X lovers or whatever you’ll be able to understand.

The real codependent

That perhaps, the one quality that they all had, was a lack of empathy or the way they communicated. The degree to their narcissism and to the degree that they were able to be cruel may have differed and so, I believe that the number one tool that narcissists use, is what I call crazy communication like you can’t get from point A to point B with a narcissist, and that’s their agenda! So, a narcissist is the real codependent because a narcissist absolutely needs a narcissistic supply! A narcissist need the “body under the bet” and when they feeling a lack of energy, they need someone to control and manipulate, they need someone to be in front of they need, someone that they can actually suck the lifeout, and that will build up their energy.

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Crazy communication

Is a sort of sounds like this, and those of you who have experienced it will be able to relate, so in my life the way it showed: “What time you coming home?’ That’s it a no brainer conversation, an appropriate response would be 5:00 o’clock and then the appropriate behavior would be my husband/wife will come home at 5:00 to 5:00 or 5 after five but generally he’d be home around 5:00 o’clock and life would go on it would be seamless. But when you’re dealing with someone who is passive aggressive, are you dealing some went with someone who is a narcissist and they really don’t care how you feel and their agenda is to stay above you and never actually equalize with you, it sounds like this: “So babe what time you gonna be home? I’ll be home later about what time will you be home so I can start cooking dinner!”

-“I don’t know what time do I usually come home, that’s what time I will be on!” Then they slam the door and you’re left standing there like which is happened. Now if he/she usually comes home around 5:00 o’clock, tonight might come home at 9:00 o’clock and then when you ask him/her what’s up e would say something like: “well… I never told you I wasn’t going to come home at 9:00 o’clock, what are you so upset about? it’s crazy making! or well, you know I knew that you don’t like to be disturbed after 6:00 o’clock so that’s why I didn’t call you!” Like he’s the hero or she’s the hero or “well I knew that if I called you were going to be fake off… and so you know if you didn’t act so crazy when I was going to be late I probably would’ve called you!

This is the way they function in the world, it is never I’m sorry I didn’t give you a clear answer. Remember a narcissist’s agenda is to create crazy making conversation it’s sort of like shadowboxing 3 ghosts so imagine you’re in a boxing ring and you know your shot, you didn’t punch in the face from three different boxers, you know with four different boxers and their ghosts you can’t see them. So a narcissist’s agenda is to keep you off balance and so if you’re in a relationship with someone who cannot answer your questions or who fails to give you clear concise answers that’s a problem dear one and you will know that by how you feeling.

So what I want to do is come I want to explaine you some ways in which you can learn to protect yourself in a practical sense, because there’s a whole lot of talk about what a narcissist is and like I say all the time, we need tools, we need to know what to do when we discover that we’re dealing with a narcissist!

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The Vampires

I see everything in terms of energy and so a narcissist’s agenda is to sort of like. They’re like vampires, they want to suck the energy out of you and the more depleted you are the better they feel and so and now serves them in a number of ways. If you’re dealing with an arm if your husbands a narcissist and he’s able to use crazy communication with you or your wife is a narcissist and she’s able to make you feel responsible for why she is uncaring for your, feelings then what happens is she gets to witness and he gets to witness your energy drop. Now what happens in the psyche of a narcissist at least I think so, is that helps him feel better than you, they see themselves as more powerful stronger, more in control than you, because you are being drained and losing your fucking live like you’re going crazy. A narcissist exploits the needs of a codependent and a narcissist has the ability to make a very nice Co dependent act extremely irrational.

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